Continuous cycles of reflective practice

Creating intelligent and sophisticated dialogue to build new relationships based on the needs of individual decision makers.

B2B telemarketing for the IT sector is all about getting your complex sales message into the market quickly and effectively, to generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) that your sales team can nurture and close.

Our IT B2B lead generation campaigns extend your market reach and build brand awareness, introducing your business to hundreds of potential prospects each week.

Every phone call is an opportunity to present your solutions and services, identify new qualified prospects for your Sales Representatives. We design and operate over a hundred telemarketing campaigns every year, developing a proven approach that works consistently across industries.

Nothing cuts through more effectively than a personalised phone call.

Our telemarketing tactics are based on many successful lead generation campaigns for Technology Partners, Distributors and Vendors across Australia and New Zealand.

Before every project commences, we discuss with you the lead qualification criteria. This is essential so we only generate sales leads that meet your requirements. Unlike large call centres and telemarketing providers, we use only highly experienced software, hardware and cloud solutions sales professionals who now specialise in the early-stage sales cycle. They bring their solution expertise and IT sales background to conduct quality conversations with your prospects.

Our tried and tested consultative IT B2B telemarketing campaign processes include script building, database creation, management and synchronisation services. We ensure a solid foundation, consistent quality of leads, clear and smart reporting methods as well as ongoing refinement of all campaign aspects.

Measurable Impact helps technology companies grow quickly by identifying and generating sales and marketing opportunities within their target market.