Direct marketing to the

indirect channel

Helping Vendors and Distributors empower their
Technology Partners every step of their journey

In today’s global market, companies around the world are fighting for the same business, threatening
established sales channels, markets and relationships. At the same time, the role of ‘go-to-market’
intermediaries has never been more critical. Whether you’re a Technology Vendor or Distributor, you need the
right strategy to recruit, onboard, educate, and empower your Business Partners while they require tailored
marketing support to effectively promote their solutions drive successful business outcomes.We are here to
help Channel Leaders like you with every level of your solution/service sales cycle.

Our Roots Are In The Channel

This is where Measurable Impact comes into play. We specialise in guiding technology vendors and distributors through planning, developing and managing every aspect of channel marketing.

Our experience helps us bring your campaigns to market with ease. From sign-up and onboarding, to plan execution and reporting, our team of marketing professionals knows what makes channel marketing programs unique.

Whether you're looking for outbound or inbound lead generation approach, our team of professionals provides a whole spectrum of digital and nondigital activities to deliver results.

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