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Are you looking for expert assistance with channel marketing?

Empowering technological vendors with Effective Channel Marketing

Are you a technology vendor or distributor, who is having trouble coming up with the right plan for finding, on boarding, educating, and empowering your channel marketing partners in a win-win partnership?

Do they require specialized marketing assistance in order to successfully advertise their products and provide profitable results for both of you?

We are here to support your Channel Leaders with efficient channel marketing/ agency support at every stage of your solution/service sales cycle.

channel marketing
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Channel Marketing is a game changer

The game-changer you seek for your company can be found in effective channel partner marketing/channel marketing (agency), which is essential.

We recognize your plight in today’s global market, fuelled by the internet; businesses are donning their best gear to compete for the same customers. This has threatened long-standing and successful sales channels, markets, and relationships, making the role of “go-to-market” intermediaries, channel marketing partners, or partner marketing agencies more critical than ever.

What are partnership marketing’s main advantages?

  • Expands your target market 
  • Increases exposure to marketing.
  • Expand the scope and objectives of your marketing strategy, enabling you to market in several novel ways.
  • Saves cash.

What we bring to the table

Measurable Impact has collaborated with numerous technology firms, offering them integrated marketing help and a plan to make sure all of their marketing tools flow into one another naturally.

Using inbound marketing, outbound marketing, digital strategy, design, marketing automation, revenue operations, public relations, paid media, and web development, we help  businesses increase revenue by generating leads, scaling revenue operations, and increasing market awareness.

We can work with your marketing channel partner or partner marketing agency at every stage of the sales cycle.

  • You may leave the hard work to us as we direct and support you as you plan, develop and manage every part of your channel  goals.
  • We will expertly and smoothly launch your channel marketing initiatives thanks to our diverse and extensive experience. Our highly skilled team of marketing experts has perfected the art of creating distinctive and effective channel marketing/(agency) programs, from sign-up and onboarding to planning, execution, and reporting.
  • With our varied and rich experience, we will bring your channel campaigns to market with ease and finesse. From sign-up and onboarding to planning, execution, and reporting, our well-qualified team of marketing professionals has mastered the art of making channel marketing programs unique and productive.
  • Our team of professionals offers a wide range of digital and non-digital activities that will help you get the results you are looking for, whether you prefer an outgoing or an inbound channel marketing lead generation approach.

Here’s what we do in:-

“Outbound Lead generation”

We actively engage with potential channel  partner who might not be aware of your offering.

To generate interest in your products or services, we create a sales funnel.

We make outbound calls or send out other communications to a specific group of potential leads.

For generating outbound leads, we employ a variety of communication techniques including cold calling, phone email marketing, social media, and more.

“Inbound lead generation”

When it comes to inbound lead generation, we use inbound marketing techniques to get potential channel  partners/channel markets (agencies) to your website and work toward building a mutually beneficial partnership that will result in a sale.

In order to convert inbound leads into channel  partners, we must first attract inbound leads with a piece of content that is a part of an inbound lead marketing campaign that convinced them to download an eBook, complete a survey, or schedule an appointment with your channel leader.

We are going to be the fuel that starts the channel marketing engine.

We both understand how incredibly challenging the task of channel marketing/ (agency) sales is. One is that you must inspire others who do not regularly deal with you personally. As opposed to your sales personnel, who you can fire if they are not producing results.

You have to provide channel partners or partner marketing agencies with top-notch tools to help them persuade customers to purchase your offering if you want them to sell your goods or services.

You must spend twice as much on material for your channel partners as you do for your salespeople, who are likely to be more knowledgeable about your goods or services.


At Measurable Impact, we ensure that your channel partners/partner marketing agencies have access to prospect-ready product brochures, customer testimonials, competitor information, email templates, call scripts, meeting agendas, and cheat sheets for handling objections.

There is no room for impersonal resources to be thrown at them, leaving them unsure of where to focus. Some may not be capable of managing several marketing efforts at once.

Channel marketing partners will be assured and eager to promote your product or service once they have access to your comprehensive sales materials.

While we acknowledge the value of promotional materials, we also realize that educational support will enable your channel marketing partners to completely comprehend your offerings and share this understanding with potential clients.

Our educational resources will unmistakably compare your items to those of your direct and indirect competitors.

We bring  hard numbers into your sales material pieces. Amass compelling statistics. The tough questions will come from channel prospects, so we make sure you have what you need to respond fully and credibly.

We will outline a carefully considered strategy based on competitive analysis to demonstrate to your channel leader and channel partners what they should concentrate on in order to create a win-win situation for both your business and the channel partner.

Are you using CRM to power your marketing?
Are you using CRM to power your marketing?

You can be sure that working with us will give your channel marketing partner the benefits listed below.

Motivation, Support, & Resources