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Three Steps to Building Your “DIGITAL” Credibility

They say the two most important things in keeping a relationship alive are communication and trust. But you can’t have one without the other. You gain trust through constant communication and the more you’re able to trust, the easier the communication gets.

The same concept could be applied to building your digital credibility. As tech distributors and partners, how you reach companies and organisations of all sizes and foster lasting relationships with them is quintessentially the overall impact you make in your market. How often are you connecting with your clients through intentional content? How often are you forming new relationships? If someone were to ask one of your clients about you, what would they most likely say?  Here are three steps to building your company’s digital credibility and putting the “us” in trust.


Putting your company’s name, products, offers, and services out there is the first step to generating interest and attention. However, when a client has choices, how do you  stand out amongst them? Nobody wants to be sold the same chicken. In order to capture your target audience, you need to cut down on the sales pitch. You do this by contributing consistent valuable insights to your clients. Less about the product, more about the person and meeting their needs.

Tell them something they don’t know by creating content that adds value to your client’s existing knowledge and going in-depth with specific topics or events. Build rapport by being a thought leader, a problem solver. This can be as simple as finding out firsthand a client’s story or ensuing issues and filling the gap with new information or specific instructions. Educate and excite them, then, promote the heck out of your content across all platforms. We’ll get to more of that in step number three.


There’s nothing better than having a voice praise you—that isn’t yours. Positive feedback and third party support show the market that your company’s reliability and standing can in fact be confirmed and applauded. This is how you establish and enhance reputation and secure longevity. But how do you build content from the affirmation of others? Two words: RECORD IT. Client case studies through videos is just one of the many creative ways you can present a happy client, whose utilisation of and investment in your company’s products and services have more than met his business’ needs.

(Should you want to know more about making creative client case study videos, stay tuned for an upcoming post covering the tactics of creating amazing client case studies.) Alongside this, awards and recognitions are not simply placards or trophies, they are your well-earned, authority-given bragging right. Always include and mention any and all awards certifying your company in your briefs, presentations, and promotions.


With steps one and two, which are primarily about building content that’s visible, intentional, and supportive of your company to client’s relations, automating your marketing tools is the third and final step. By building marketing automation, you create a workflow that is hands-on yet also in a sense, like a well-oiled machine. As HubSpot would put it, the point is to attract more visitors, convert more leads, close more deals, and delight more customers. It’s a marketing funnel that simply put, defines the journey of your customer from start to end.

To simplify it even further, it would look like this: Steve, a business owner, is a potential client. Through CRM and integrated marketing platforms, you have targeted Steve and now the goal is to get him to interact with you. What automation have you currently implemented that connects the dots all the way from the prospect target audience (Steve) until he actually engages with you? Have you designed his journey in such a way: initial contact—creative content—official client?

Visibility that is valuable, third party feedback that can be leveraged, and a well-oiled auto-marketing machine are three vital steps to defining your business strategy and building your market credibility online. But as much as this is a general roadmap, it’s not a mass formula. Every business has its strengths and what they bring to the table are respectively different and diverse and require unique equations.

So ultimately, the question is: What is your equation?

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May 27, 2019

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