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Micro-influencers: Understand the trend and become one of them in just a few easy steps

If you’re relying on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to get your news, you know very well that the online world is saturated with facts and stories from countless sources. And not all of them reputable. In fact, these days there is so much nonsense and rubbish in our newsfeed, it’s hard to find trusted information. This is where the influencers come in.

The WHO: Becoming a reputable source of information

Influencers are individuals who wield a special power – they can affect (influence) purchase decisions of others, using their knowledge, position, experience, or relationship with the audience to do so. Large influencers (50,000+ followers) usually share various content every day, because this is how they earn their living. However, as they align themselves more with the brands that pay them, the actual value they were supposed to deliver as unbiased, outside sources, gets lost along the way. The same can be said for their followers’ enthusiasm…

Posts of large influencers may get a lot of traffic, but the audience engagement remains limited – there’s no point in being the 1,000th+ person to comment on a post or share, the influencer is not going to engage with you anyway. As a result, large influencers don’t necessarily drive a lot of conversations. Typical engagement rate for influencers with a following of 10,000+ is 5-10%. If their followers grow to the level of 100,000+, the engagement rate is likely to drop to just 1-3%.

In contrast, micro-influencers aren’t on the radar of big brands that much and don’t get paid for most of their shares, some of them receiving products in exchange for their reviews instead. Since they typically cover various products and brands while remaining unpaid, they’re considered more objective and thus more trusted than large influencers. They’re small enough to be your real clients and advocates, and their followers are often your intended audience.

The HOW: Reaching and engaging with the target audience

If you want to get real engagement from your actual target market, turning into a micro-influencer is the way to go. So, how do you become one?

Be consistent: Decide on focus topic, set up a posting schedule, and stick to it

To hook your audience, you can’t write about every possible subject that catches your eye. You should choose a particular area you’ll continue to cover throughout your shares, be it mobile phones, antivirus software, cloud platforms, or other subjects. And once you start posting, remember to do it regularly. Without ongoing activity from your side, your existing followers will soon switch to a more active outlet.

Persist: Keep on posting

Without delivering and sharing the posts, pictures, videos or blogs, you won’t build your following. So, especially at the beginning of your micro-influencer’s journey, you need to maintain a steady stream of contributions that are relevant to your audience. Don’t get discouraged if you only get a few likes per each post in the beginning. Everybody starts this way. At the same time, avoid becoming too confident early on, even if your initial shares prove popular – if you stay inactive for too long, you’ll have to fight hard to get your audience’s interest and enthusiasm back.

Keep it honest: Nobody trusts overly complimentary posts

In real life, people are never 100% satisfied, just like they’re rarely 100% disappointed. Same should apply to your online activity. This means sharing your impressions just like they are, including pros and cons alike, and without unnecessary beautification. Followers can be very attuned to that, and most of them can see through posts they deem too flattering. Even if you aren’t paid for it, focusing only on positive aspects will make it look as if you were, and it will likely cost you followers.

Engage: Encourage responses, ask questions, reply to comments, create polls

This is the key to building your following and transforming your followers into advocates. Show your audience that their views matter while making yourself look approachable. We all spend more time reading posts or reviews that got a response, whether it addressed any issues, included an apology or a ‘Thank you’. Why? We want to see what the other side has to say. And in the online world, the way somebody chooses to respond can often make or break a business. Same goes for building a following.

Be patient: Nobody becomes an influencer overnight

Be prepared that getting to a micro-influencer status might take a while… but remember it will pay off at the end of the journey. Until that happens, keep up the good work and remember that this is not a race – it’s not about who can get the most subscribers or reach a 10,000+ following first. Quality beats quantity every time. Sometimes all it takes is getting the attention of a few people who’ll take it upon themselves to endorse you to their family, friends and colleagues.

The WHY: Benefits of micro-influencing for individuals and companies alike

Becoming a respected micro-influencer can not only help with getting the information you share online about your company, its products, goals or ventures, to a broader target audience but also with how it’s received. Coming from an individual with a steady following and a history of reliable, unbiased shares, your posts are bound to be treated with considerably more authority and trust than your average employee-posting-about-a-company posts.

Which is exactly why businesses should empower their employees to become micro-influencers, help them with making the first steps and support them in their journey by actively following them on social media and encouraging others to do the same. The end result will be more online visibility for both the individual and the company behind them while making the online landscape more exciting and engaging for all parties involved.

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April 17, 2018

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