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5 Ways to Find Love Between Sales and Marketing

Exploring different ways to improve the sales-marketing dynamic is nothing new in the IT B2B space. But like with most relationships, private and professional alike, there’s no miraculous solution here – you need hard work and continuous effort on both sides. And while taking shortcuts is not recommended, you can leverage techniques that have been proven successful to maximise your efforts. Here are a few tips on how to make the sales-marketing bond flourish.

1. Make the sales representative the heart of your marketing campaign

The marketing campaign is, at its core, about connecting two skilled professionals, one from the sales team, and another one from the prospective client’s side. Sales representatives are the ones talking directly to the client and trying to differentiate themselves from other reps looking to flog their products. Which is why you need a sales rep-driven marketing approach. If the campaign is supposed to succeed, they need to be on top of everything that’s going on and provide ongoing feedback based on their client interactions, so you can adjust the campaign as needed.

2. Know who you’re courting thanks to a strong lead scoring

It’s all about connecting the dots. When the marketing team delivers a thought-out database with strong leads, they’re giving the sales reps a solid foundation to build a successful client approach. Sales reps should get in touch with the lead well-prepared when it comes to both the company and the person they’re contacting. But preparation only goes as far as having the right leads for each campaign allows. Without a strong lead scoring, a campaign will struggle to bring the desired results.

3. Hold each other accountable for campaign results

Accountability and lead management need to go hand in hand. The sales and marketing team should come together to review their progress and results on a frequent basis. The rule of thumb is to lock in an hour every week and take conscious effort in preparing your updates, or else it will turn into just another social gathering over a coffee. You need to know each others’ objectives, periodic goals and how they’re measured. This way they’re aware what to expect, who’s responsible for particular tasks, what are the quotas and deadlines. And if a marketing effort doesn’t deliver, it’s easy to point out where was the issue and avoid or fix it in the future.

4. Pass on leads ASAP because sharing is caring

Are you sure you are the only one trying to forge a relationship with this particular client on this specific solution? I bet not. Even the most promising lead will get cold if not approached in time. If a campaign concentrates on demand generation, leads should be immediately shared with the sales team. When your marketing team sends leads in bulk, waiting more than a couple of days before passing them on, you may lose some promising prospects. At Measurable Impact we pride ourselves on forwarding qualified leads to our clients within 2 hours and going back for feedback within 24h of doing so. This way the sales rep can contact the leads while clients still have your solution on their mind.

5. When it’s over… debrief and rebrief

When it comes to executing marketing campaigns, getting the results you need is often just a small tweak away. And if something didn’t work out the first time around, does it mean it won’t be successful in another campaign? Not necessarily – I can tell you from experience that with improved segmentation, personas or even a few minor adjustments you can often get a much different outcome. Which is why you need to remember to hold debrief and re-brief sessions with sales and marketing teams. Discuss what worked and what didn’t, so that you can optimise your approach next time. Review and consider feedback from both sides to make the necessary tweaks in the next Q or in your strategy, so the next campaign is a(n even) bigger success.

Building a great sales-marketing relationship doesn’t happen overnight, so give yourself some time to see if the changes you made are working. Ask your team if they feel a difference. And whether you want to just make a few tweaks to your marketing approach or design a completely new marketing strategy, Measurable Impact is here to help.

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April 17, 2018

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