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3 Things To Revisit Before You Start Marketing This Year

The fun is over! Holiday season officially closed after Australia Day. For some, it finished even before the first week ended in January and now well it’s already February 2019. This time every year, we start working with many Technology Partners, Distributors and Tech Vendors on building marketing strategies from the ground up. We need to begin with “refreshing” all the things we did last year and start planning for this year, if you haven’t already!

So, I thought maybe why not start the year with some refresher on steps to begin aligning your marketing plan.

1)     Sit down with your sales team

Understanding what has changed this year at a business level will be crucial to align your business strategy with your marketing plan. Various changes could have taken place on seller-based past performance, feedback… New Targets, Solutions, Messaging? Maybe New Buyer Personas?

2)     Mark your farmers and hunters

Once the Persona Mapping, targets, messages are sorted, it’s a good idea to check how your sales team are measured and incentivised for the year and if any changes need to be made.

Based on their territory plan, you might have various strategies for different solutions reps/ buyer personas etc.

For example: A rep that has 5-10 established accounts might have a more account-based marketing tactic aligned to them as apposed to a seller with 200+ accounts where more multi-tactic/awareness build might need to be added to the marketing journey.

3)     Connect the dots

Now, the final step before your start filling your marketing strategy with tactics and pretty slides, is about spending some time on lead scoring and analysing performance from past activities. You will be surprised how many were either successful on various factors than just shmick telemarketing and adorable content pieces that talked just about you (we can cover that in the next chapter).

Based on the reps’ plan, have your top clients marked, so that you can pass through the funnel straight after. Remember, retention is easier than finding new business.

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February 8, 2019

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